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Resources for More Information

Research papers, reports, and articles

*“The Effectiveness of School Choice in Milwaukee:  A Secondary Analysis of Data from the Program’s
Evaluation,” by Jay Greene, Paul Peterson, and Jiangtao Du; August 14, 1996
*“Does Competition Among Public Schools Benefit Students and Taxpayers?  Evidence from Natural Variation in School Districting,” by Caroline Minter Hoxby; original: 1994; revision: 1997
* “Do Private Schools Provide Competition for Public Schools,” by Caroline Minter Hoxby; April 1994, revised March 1995
* “The Real Evidence: An Honest Research Update on School Choice Experiments,” by Howard Fuller; Wisconsin Interest, Fall/Winter 1997
“School Choice Works in Minnesota,” by Joe Nathan; Wall Street Journal, April 22, 1993
“What Minnesota Has Learned About School Choice,” by Joe Nathan; Phi Delta Kappan magazine; May
* “Class Acts” by James K. Glassman; Reason magazine; April 1998
* “The Tests We Need” by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.; Education Week; February 2, 2000
* “Our School Problem and Its Solutions,” by Diane Ravitch; City Journal; Winter 1999
* “Blaine’s Wake:  School Choice, the First Amendment, and State Constitutional Law,” by Joseph P. Viteritti; Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy; August 27, 1998.
“Why School Choice Can Promote Integration,” by Jay P. Greene; Education Week, April 12, 2000.
* “Better Teachers, Better Schools,” a report of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation; July 1999

* “The Charter School Workbook,” a publication of the Center for Education Reform; 1997
* “School Choice 2000: What’s Happening in the States,” a publication of the Heritage Foundation; 2000
* Nine Lies about School Choice: Answering the Critics,” a publication of the Center for Education Reform, February 1995
*“Different Drummers: How Teachers of Teachers View Public Education,” a report of Public Agenda; Fall 1997


* The State and the Non-Public School by Lloyd P. Jorgenson; University of Missouri Press; 1987.
Market Education, The Unknown History by Andrew J. Coulson; Transaction Publishers;1999
Choice in Schooling, A Case for Tuition Vouchers by David W. Kirkpatrick; Loyola University Press;1990
The Teacher Unions, How the NEA and AFT Sabotage Reform by Myron Lieberman; The Free Press; 1997

Web Sites

* Vermont Department of Education: 
* Fordham Foundation: 
* Center for Education Reform: 
* Education Week: 
* Phi Delta Kappa: 
* School Reform News:

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