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SCHOOL CHOICE: The Idea That Will Not Die

By David W. Kirkpatrick

Blue Bird Publishing, Mesa AZ, 1997

 Unlike the earlier work, CHOICE IN SCHOOLING, which presents a history, from Adam Smith in 1776 to the end of the 1980s, of the proposal to fund students rather that institutions, this work consists of a limited selection from newsletters on the topic of school choice as a contemporary issue written while Executive Director of the REACH Alliance (REACH: The Road to Educational Achievement Through Choice), July 1992 - June 1995, and as a Distinguished Fellow for The Blum Center, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, from August 1995 - late 1996 when the book was prepared. Each newsletter was about 1300 words in length and an idea of the topic is indicated by the respective chapter titles.

 Reviewer comments:

"Among school choice advocates, few are better informed than David Kirkpatrick. His depth of knowledge about the choice movement becomes obvious after reading just a few pages of the introduction to...this book (which) brings together the best of his writing for the benefit of a much wider audience." School Reform News, January 1998

"WARNING: This book could improve schools!" From a courtesy notice of the book in the Premier Issue of Crisis In Education, February 1998

Available from the author: $12 plus $3 S&H, or $25 plus S&H for both School Choice and Choice in Schooling, 1990.




Section One: Why is School Choice Needed?

1 The Need for Educational Reform

2 Criticism of Public Education

3 Did You Ever Wonder---?

4 The Money Issue


Section Two The School Choice Alternative

5 School Choice Questions and Answers

6 Why School Choice?

7 Research on School Choice

8 Historical & Legal Views of School Choice

9 Financial Issue of School Choice

10 Overwhelming Support for School Choice

11 Where Do We Go From Here?


Appendix: Networking Sources

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