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A Personal Note
By David W. Kirkpatrick (December 31, 2008)
Senior Education Fellow
U.S. Freedom Foundation www.freedomfoundation.us

         This is to announce the termination of the weekly SchoolReport commentaries of the past six years.
         Actually, this note was originally planned for six years ago.  For a few years prior to that time I was the editor of the weekly SchoolReformers.com, collections of items on school reform plus an original piece by myself.
         SchoolReformers ended when the sponsoring foundation, which had no endowment, ran out of funds.  At that time I considered retiring from the field of school reform after nearly 50 years in it.  My support for choice/vouchers began in the mid-1950s with private conversations with education majors in college. Public advocacy began in 1970 when the federal government made it a public issue by looking for a school district willing to consider a 5-year federally funded project, later the Alum Rock, California project.  At the time I was president of the largest state association affiliate of the National Education Association, with more than 100,000 members.  To this day I may be the only leader of a major teacher union to do this while in office.
         In any event, six years ago, I received a phone call from J. Patrick Rooney, a friend for many years.  When he learned of my plan he asked that I continue writing and offered to provide financial support, which he did through the Freedom Foundation which he established.  This was purely a verbal agreement which, with Pat, was enough.   In addition, The Buckeye Institute in Columbus, Ohio extended the opportunity to become an affiliate.
         That continued until this past September 15 when, as you may know, Pat died unexpectedly (at age 80, which, coincidentally,  I will reach this coming April).  In tribute to Pat, the weekly commentaries were continued until now
         But all is not lost.  For one thing, over the years I have written hundreds of commentaries - about 300 in just the SchoolReport series alone - plus two books, numerous reports, monographs, etc.   A Google search for "David W. Kirkpatrick" today produced nearly 3,500 hits many of which individually include scores or more of my writings. (If you do a Google be sure to use quotation marks so the search is for my name.   The middle initial is also needed because just the first and last names will give you David Kirkpatrick, a senior editor for Fortune magazine, and David Kirkpatrick, a writer for the New York Times.
         Finally, I will maintain my distribution list because I may write further commentaries although perhaps not as many and certainly not as regularly.  With no obligation to do so they can be done as may be convenient and be interrupted or even discontinued at any time as circumstances may determine.
         In conclusion, I wish to thank everyone for staying with me for 20 years or more in some instances, and for the kind words and encouragement along the way.  I especially want to thank Tom Shuford, a former career special education teacher on Long Island, now retired in North Carolina, who has served for some time as a proofreader and reviewer of the commentaries.  His assistance has been most helpful and appreciated.

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